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The Blithe Co. started in 2016 on Etsy, then a tiny studio in 2018 in Fort Lauderdale & finally, into a brick & mortar store in Lauderdale By The Sea. The store opened August of 2020. The store operates by appointment, you can click Contact above and we can schedule your visit.

Khatie Krisztian's jewelry creating began sometime near 2005.
After years of not making, the discovery of crystals was made after a diagnosis of PTSD and the obsession with jewelry making reawakened.
How beautiful the universe is, you can now visit the Blithe store, receive a crystal consultation, be measured for a custom bracelet or place a custom order for your jewelry dreams to come to life. One of a kind Crystal and Gemstone jewelry made from scratch, incorporating energy. There is nothing like The Blithe Co.