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stones for abundance

Green Aventurine is an especially useful crystal to attract wealth and good luck. That is the main reason why most investors carry Aventurine as a Talisman always on them. Crystal for good luck originates from the Latin word Aventura- meaning, chance.

Even though Aventurine crystal is birthstone of a Virgo, all other zodiac signs can take advantage of its power. It enables and brings good luck, joy, balance and money especially when selling products, paying bills, gambling or playing loto. If you need a crystal that will help you stabilise financial situation, make sure to get an Aventurine stone.


Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for debt as it clears your clutter rationally by awakening your mind.

By empowering your basal chakra of the root, black tourmaline solves the cloud hindering your reasoning. It will pull luck towards you and make your dreams come true.



Unlike most crystals for money, Blue Kyanite attracts money through truth. If you wear cheated in the money business, use blue kyanite gemstone for debt and regain the wealth you lost. The pretty perfect stone of throat chakra will uncover truths about your financial life.



A bright crystal known to attract money and fortune, Citrine is also known as the merchant’s stone of wealth. Ideal for all people looking for success in personal business and careers. Citrine brings good luck in addition to prosperous new deals to your business.

Citrine crystal allows Sagittarius to be in better mood and increase self confidence. Its energy magnifies power of will, helps with making money decisions, saving money and spending it more wisely.



A healing crystal prominent for Good Fortune, Labradorite is excellent to conduct energy works to attract monetary benefits. The esoteric properties of the healing crystal make it ideal to protect from bad decisions that might result in money loss.

Labradorite is one of the crystals that all persons should have in order to strengthen their willpower, clear aura and prevent leaking of positive energy. In any case, most benefit from it will have people born as Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Since it is protecting from money-loss and brings good luck, get lucky and take advantage of Labradorite.



For people feeling like the victim of fate and burdening financial problems, Garnet is perfect for times of poverty. The bright rays of Garnet attract wealth that frees you from drudgery as well as fear or financial loss. Combining with Citrine will help you take flawless decisions in investing money or property as well.

Throughout the history people carried Garnet crystals believing that it will improve their business, career and financial situation. It will help Capricorn the most to accumulate riches and enhance business.



Clear quartz is considered excellent for new businesses. From an interview to a deal signing, Quartz crystals have powerful intuitive energies to signal the wearer during hazards. A little known secret method of attracting money with Quartz crystals is to place the crystal on top of your bills. This ensures that your money comes back to you with tenfold more. Quartz crystal will bring love to all persons who carry it close to their heart as it opens fourth (heart) chakra. Not just that, it promotes balance, self-esteem and restores confidence. By being more confident you will have more luck on your job interviews and in communication with other people. Main benefit from Quartz will come to people born as Aquarius.